Herbal Medicine

WHat is it?

What is herbal medicine?

The Chinese medicine approach to herbal supplementation involves the use of several herbs working synergistically together in a formula. There are hundreds of traditional formulas, as well as more modern ones created by experts based on the typical issues affecting modern patients. The formulas can come in raw herbs that need to be cooked, granules that hot water is added to for creating a tea, tinctures, capsules, tablets, and tiny pellets. We typically use capsules, tablets, or pellets, depending on the formula, as they are more convenient.

Are the formula safe?

The companies that we use have very stringent quality control measures, and they do not use any endangered species. Any dietary restrictions or allergies will be taken into consideration. It is important to disclose any medications or supplements you are taking, as well as if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant. This can influence what herbal prescriptions you will be able to take.

What should I expect from a consultation?

If you haven’t already filled out our acupuncture intake form, you will need to do so before your appointment as the same information will be used. Together, we will go over your health history, the issues that you’re looking to resolve, and any dietary restrictions and products you are currently taking. In some cases, we will have the appropriate formula or formulas in-house. Otherwise, we will order them and notify you when they arrive. Typically, you will start out with one or more patent formulas and then a personalized formula may be created for you as we see how your system changes.

Will I need a follow-up consult?

You can email or text your herbalist with any concerns or with updates on your condition. After you have been on the formula for a specified amount of time, your herbalist may recommend a follow-up consult to check your progress and, potentially, to change your prescription. In other cases, especially for chronic conditions, you may be able to simply continue taking your formula without follow-up consultations. A new consult will be necessary for new conditions.

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