WHat is it?

What is bodywork?

Bodywork is actually a part of Chinese Medicine as well. Massage increases circulation, boosts the immune system, lowers stress, eases muscle tension, and relieves pain. Regular massages can help you feel more relaxed, keep you healthier overall, improve your workout results, and keep you from getting injured.

Our approach

As with our other modalities, we will ask you to fill out a health intake form prior to coming so that your therapist can best address your needs. Types of massage techniques that may be used include Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, Tui Na, myofascial release, Zen Shiatsu, pregnancy massage, and others.

How often to you need bodywork?

If you aren’t experiencing any problems, getting a massage at least once a month is a good idea. If you are currently experiencing pain and tension, it’s best to get a massage at least weekly until your body is pain and tension free.

Muscle tension develops for a number of reasons including stress, repetitive motions, poor body mechanics, and many more. Generally speaking, you didn’t get to this point overnight so it’s going to take consistent bodywork to get you where you want to be. Your body built that tension up for a reason. It’s not going to let it go unless it knows you are ready to take care of it on a consistent basis. If your lifestyle is contributing to the problems, you will need to continue getting frequent massages until you are able to make changes that will help keep the tension from developing.

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